Many people don't think about adding wiring to their homes for extra phones, a computer network, or a satellite dish until after the home is built. There are many options you can add to your home to make it a more enjoyable and versatile environment. Options ranging from Structured Wiring, Home Theater, Surround Sound, Whole House Audio Distribution, Home Automation, and Lighting Control.

Structured Wiring will prepare you for adding phones, networking to share internet service or printers, distribute your Cable or Satellite TV throughout the house, and monitor the cameras you put on the back of the house to watch the kids in the yard. Whole House Audio will allow you to listen to the entertainment center's CD player in your bedroom while your spouse listens to the FM Tuner in the study. With Home Automation, you can call up your house, check the temperature inside and out, monitor for sounds, turn lights on and off, turn off the security system to let the maid or repairman in, and more. Check into it before your house is built. We can also retrofit most homes. 

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